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The DUAL Forestry team provides market leading insurance cover for commercial forests, with a focus on those located in the southern hemisphere. Our solution allows investors to de-risk their exposure particularly for those who are not familiar with the sector and for those coming into forestry for reasons of renewable energy and biofuel production as well as existing purchasers of cover.


About our team

Gordon Steward, Managing Director, Forestry brings over 35 years’ industry experience and is a recognised, leader in this niche with a global dominant market share. We are committed to adding value to help our clients develop their businesses and reduce their risk exposure in this specialist business line. We offer a forestry insurance solution for standing timber covering physical damage to the tree within clearly defined perils.

Why DUAL Forestry? 

  • Everest Re: – A rated paper (S&P, Moody's & A.M. Best)
  • In-depth, risk management advice for brokers and their clients
  • Preference for controlling insurance programmes as leader
  • Working closely with DUAL Group’s global network in 19 countries

Our risk appetite

Due to favourable growing conditions the two major tree types are eucalyptus and pinus (pine) which covers over 80% of the world’s commercially grown forests.  These tree types are used in the industry as hard wood or soft wood.  For example, Uruguay grows primarily eucalyptus, which is used for the furniture and biofuel industries. 

As well as our standard forestry insurance cover, the team are exploring a range of innovative new product solutions with ability to extend into other sectors.

  • Primary focus is on small, medium to medium-large forestry companies in the southern hemisphere markets of South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay South East Asia and New Zealand
  • Will look to take the lead line on primary programme placements
  • Commercial and managed plantations only
  • Favouring clients with evidence of strong risk management and fire prevention resources in force
  • Timber / paper / pulp producers, pension funds, exotic wood investment and real estate investment funds
  • Typical perils are FLEXA, Wind (Non-accumulating Zones) and sub limited perils, typically: Frost, hail, snow damage, debris removal and firefighting costs
  • Pest, disease and drought are not covered.

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Gordon is supremely knowledgeable on the forestry insurance sector and a proactive, accommodating underwriter
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Meet the team

Photo of Gordon Steward


Gordon Steward
Managing Director
Photo of Gordon Steward

Gordon Steward

Managing Director

Gordon Steward has worked within the UK retail, London market, Lloyd’s and international insurance markets for over 35 years. He is recognised as one of the leading forestry insurance underwriters in this unique class of business and commands an in-depth global knowledge of the forestry industry.

T: +44 7596 855156