Global Healthcare

DUAL's Global Healthcare product

DUAL Global Healthcare operate as a Managing General Agency (MGA) with risk capacity from various markets including Lloyd’s of London. Our experienced underwriters work closely with medical and health institutions to provide tailored solutions to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry, on an insurance or reinsurance basis.


Our Healthcare Providers Professional Liability cover includes: 

  • Hospital Professional
  • Liability
  • Medical Professional
  • Liability
  • Allied Healthcare
  • Professional Liability
  • Products Liability (Medical
  • Devices / Life Sciences / Nutraceuticals)
  • General/Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Insurance and Reinsurance.

We provide cover that protects entities and healthcare professionals from claims for negligence that result in third party injury. This includes damages and defence costs incurred by the legal proceedings involved with settling a claim, as well as costs incurred through related disciplinary action.

Our general liability offering ensures that third parties are covered against bodily injuries and property damage which occurs on their premises or as a result of business operations.

We also underwrite comprehensive general liability cover, offering protection to the insured, while maintaining fair compensation for the injured party.

Our risk appetite

Our global network of local experts helps ensure that we can provide extensive coverage to individuals and healthcare facilities internationally. Our appetite includes, but is not limited to:

  • Medical generalists and specialists
  • Dentists
  • Allied health professionals
  • Private clinics and hospitals
  • Specialised medical institutions
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Residential care and hospices
  • Mental and physical rehabilitation services
  • Biotechnology firms
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Veterinarians.

Key features

  • Tailored coverage
  • Flexible risk-based pricing
  • Local knowledge and service backed by a global team of healthcare insurance professionals
  • Extends beyond medical malpractice coverage - responds to a full range of patient exposures
  • Includes bodily injury and financial loss coverage
  • Automatic run-off coverage.

What you can always expect from DUAL

  • Access to A+ rated capacity
  • Market-leading expertise
  • Experienced underwriters
  • International scope
  • Tailored solutions across a spectrum of healthcare.

Virginio Mecurio

Virginio Mercurio
Managing Director

Tel: +34637436641 

The Global Healthcare team is led by Virginio Mercurio. Virginio has over 20 years of global experience of the insurance industry, specialising in healthcare and medical malpractice.

Jose Jardi

José Jardi
Head of Spain

Tel: +34 913691258

Our team in Spain is led by José Jardi. José has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance sector, specialising in healthcare and medical malpractice


Rodrigo Chubb

Rodrigo Granetto
Head of LAC

Tel: + 55 11996278946

Our operations in Latin America are led by Rodrigo Granetto. Rodrigo has more than 13 years experience in the insurance industry, specialising in healthcare and medical malpractice. We operate not only in Brazil, but across Latin America and the Caribbean.


Ibrahim Salim DUAL

Ibrahim Salim 

Senior Executive Officer & Regional Head of Healthcare, DIFC Branch

Tel: +971 54 309 5953

Ibrahim leads our Middle East operation from our office based in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai. Ibrahim has more than 16 years’ experience specialising in healthcare and medical malpractice.