Political Violence

DUAL's Political Violence product

DUAL's Political Violence product gives you access to significant capacity and competitive terms. We provide unparalleled efficiency for you offering a simple, effective, one-stop solution, so you can get back to spending more time producing business, and less time placing and servicing.

With large capacity and the opportunity to offer the client bespoke solutions, we believe we offer you the best of both worlds.

Our risk appetite

  • Commercial/Residential Property Portfolios, Hotels, Universities, Schools, Energy and Power and Retail 
  • Worldwide 
  • Full Value or First Loss Limit.

Key features

  • USD 300,000,000 Limit
  • UK: GBP 130,000,000 limit
  • Perils include – Terrorism, Sabotage, Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion, Mutiny, Coup d’Etat, War, Civil War, Counter Insurgency and Terrorism Liability
  • Bespoke deductible options including additional aggregate deductibles in addition to standard per occurrence deductibles
  • Direct or Reinsurance
  • 100% Lloyd’s Security
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Bespoke wording available upon request.

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Tim Woodhouse
Managing Director
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Tim Woodhouse

Managing Director

T: +44 (0)20 7337 6480
E: twoodhouse@dualgroup.com


Rory Mucklow
Underwriting Assistant
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Rory Mucklow

Underwriting Assistant

T: +44 (0)20 3808 5737 x5737
E: rmucklow@dualgroup.com